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my aesthetic is alcoholic drinks that taste like they have no alcohol in

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Even with all these

empty bottles of vodka,

I can’t forget you.


While watching the Anaconda video with a white friend he mentioned "this is literally blackface. You do know this is what most white people stereotypically think black women are like, right?" How do you feel about that view? It kind of stuck with me


I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to get on you for this one.

First off, look up what blackface is because you clearly don’t have that definition completely understood. How the hell black women gonna be blackface?? C’mon now.

And second, idk exactly how to explain this, but just because there’s a stereotype associated with a certain group that doesn’t mean that those in that group and forever prohibited from doing whatever that stereotype is. And just because white people will stigmatize a certain behavior be it true or made up in their pale imaginations, seriously fuck them, if i wanna do it then i’mma do it. And you shouldn’t get wrapped up in the thinking that I’m only doing it because its a stereotype, like damn sometimes black women like to shake they ass, bruh. Just because its a stereotype doesn’t mean black women can’t do it anymore because the only reason its stigmatized is because of white people and their pancake asses and limited world views. And the notion of going against the stereotype further shames those that happen to fall into that stereotype because white people got you thinking its something to be ashamed of when all they doing is what makes them happy and what makes them feel like themselves. Shit, that’s like saying Asian people shouldn’t be smart because of the stereotype that all asians are smart. And then people feel like they have to base their whole lives on some asinine stereotype and then base your worth on whether or not you abide by that stereotype or if you go against that stereotype.

So nah, i don’t give a damn what white people think. If Nicki Minaj wanna do her thing then let Nicki Minaj do the damn thing. 

Fuck what white people think cuz she ain’t doing a damn thing for white people or anything that needs white people’s approval.

People be so afraid of being seen as another stereotype and I get that you don’t want to be seen as only that stereotype so you try to avoid it but the thing about Nicki Minaj is she don’t care what you think. You don’t need white people’s views of you to be what determines your value. You determine your own value and you can be worth a million dollars and still shake that ass on the internet if that’s what you wanna do. 


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